Export Troubleshooter
Makes it feasible !

My name is Piet Roos. Other than to my wife, I have given my heart to everything concerning export and all that is connected to it. I spent 40 years in this challenging field and have garnered a wealth of experience, both from behind a desk, as well as in the field. Starting out as a customs-declarant, I then became Assistant Transport-Manager, a few years later Transport Manager, then regional Export Manager and finally Export Director. The all-round experience that I had gained placed me in a unique position. I knew exactly what the Shipping Department needed and could counteract the always present controversy between Sales and Shipping, almost everywhere. My knowledge of all aspects of export was to stand me in good stead when I took the next step after leaving the hectic export-life behind me.

Retraining myself, I obtained my teaching qualifications. This together with my presentation skills, I started to give workshops, courses, seminars and company-training sessions. Not straying far from my roots, these last years, I have now been passing on my experience to a new generation starting out in the world of export. With little suitable material available, I was obliged to write my own educational material, which led me to also writing export manuals. I am also a consultant, advising organisations and companies about their individual export needs, focussing particularly on international transport, delivery-conditions and payment-terms. In my presentations I always talk about the “trinity” of delivery + transport + payment, which I see as the fundamental requirements in the successful execution of any export transaction. Services During recent years, my knowledge and expertise in all aspects of export has provided companies and organizations with the necessary understanding, enabling them to make well-considered and justified decisions and limiting the risks which may arise with international transactions.


Are you in the situation where you can no longer cope with all the abnormalities, the recurring problems, the endless complaints about all kinds of technical export issues? Then why not contact me, without obligation, and let me advise you accordingly?

Changes for the better

You are in the situation where you need to make changes in the terms and conditions for supply to your customer. More exact because the relationship does not develop in the way that you had hoped for or more flexible because your customer deserves it. How are you to going to revise this in such a way that you and your customer benefit? Then why not contact me and we can have a look at it together?


Presentations are prepared with you in mind. They are informative and pleasant to follow, giving you a clear picture on how to cross borders, without running the risk of being stopped or delayed.

Seminars and workshops.

You ask and we act. Seminars and workshops are designed to fulfil your needs, answer your questions, help solve your problems. Please submit your questions and specific problems in with the necessary supporting documents, if any. Everything is possible. Contact me, to organize your tailor-made seminar or workshop.