I have known Piet Roos for many years already as THE expert in the field of rules and regulations around delivery-conditions (Incoterms) in the Netherlands. He is asked frequently to contribute as initiator towards seminars and symposiums organized by governmental and semi-governmental institutions and organizations stimulating export (amongst others Fenedex, The Haque). He has also written a great number of books and articles about the interpretation of these rules and regulations around delivery-conditions (Incoterms) issued by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Piet has the gift to present a complex subject in a jaunty way. Also for ABNAMRO Bank N.V. he has given a number of presentations which were judged to be extremely well.

Herman Lamberts
Customer Support Manager Trade & Guarantees OPS
ABNAMRO Bank N.V., Rotterdam, Netherland

Piet Roos has within IHC Merwede B.V. often given courses Incoterms for various echelons of the company. Piet gave these courses always full of enthusiasm and with a lot of expertise. Our staff call him the Incoterm-guru. We shall undoubtedly ask Piet to come again with a following opportunity, because he is able to clearly explain and illustrate this difficult subject with many practical examples.

Edith Litan
Financial Risk Consultant
IHC Merwede B.V.

Piet Roos is the authority in the Netherlands and also abroad in the field of laws and international rules which have to do with border-passing activities, so export. He governs that subject like no one else and has the gift to clarify and apply the often difficult and partly complex regulations and procedures on the basis of examples and cases. Companies and organizations benefit demonstrably by his advices and support, which he puts on stage in a pleasant and enthusiastic way. His involvement frequently prevents exporters from making costly mistakes with the interpretation of export-documents by executives of exporting and importing companies. Piet Roos has surprises many companies by demonstrating in a revealing way how profit-margins may be improved by the right and sometimes inventive application of the rules.

Piet Veltman,Export Consultant